Thursday, July 28, 2011

From Workshop to Captain America

Alright so this was supposed to be posted yesterday but I got caught up in my little lazy world...again. Anyways, I and my friends intended to attend a free photography workshop at the nearest SM mall yesterday, but little did we know that it was canceled due to the rainy weather. Sad. But since we're already there all donned for the supposedly workshop and didn't want to waste our precious time, we might as well just decided to see Captain America instead. Yay! :) And though we didn't get the chance to learn something new about photography, we were sure we went home satisfied with the movie, particularly with Captain Roger. Ahem. Right, Jing? Hehe. Oh I can't wait for the next sequel to come. Excited. I mean, who wouldn't be? Thor and Captain Roger in one movie. Hello?? I'm also wishing Wolverine would be in there, too. :)

OK, as for my outfit, this is what I would basically wear on a free photography workshop at an SM mall (in Tarlac).

OK. That's it for now. Happy weekend to you!:)

Outfit Breakdown:
White Top: Bench / Pants: Mossimo / Cardigan: New York & Company, thrifted / Shoes: Parisian / Bag: thrifted / Belt: Shapes / Necklace: Bubble shop / Watch: Style&Co. / Bracelet: gifted