Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Blow that candle!

I told myself I would stop counting my age when I turn 23. But years just keep on going and I can't seem to keep up with time. Yesterday felt like I was only 18 and I am...getting more...mature? yeah right~~hehe But gratitude is all I have for those years of my imperfect yet blessed life. Thanks to my supportive family, loving friends and thanks to You. (you know who you are, right?):) I feel blessed indeed 'coz of you guys. :)

You might wonder how I spent my day.  Well it was just simple, yet I was joyful. I spent the whole day at home, lazing around and a morning surprise, which made my day mind you, swept me off my feet. Blush, blush.Then went to church with my dear friend, Jeni, for a Sunday service and had a nice dinner out at Terrase Cafe with my Aunt and Uncle. (my family wasn't home that time so I couldn't spend time with them on my day, but it's ok. Maybe we'll have another time next week. Hopefully) Was I just explaining there? hehe Anyway, here are some of the pics taken on my b' day. (forgot to bring my camera. How could I, right?!)

So here are wishes #14&15 granted, a bouquet of flowers, which swept me off my whoa feet. I was wishing for a bunch of tulips, but seeing those lovely star gazers, yellow lilies, carnation and others (who cares what their names are) trying their best to make this bouquet look just perfect ...well, what else could i ask for. :)

Outfit Breakdown:
Top: Fudge Rock / Blazer: 2Me / Jeans: Freego / Bag: Accessorize / Shoes; SoFab! / Bracelet: folded&hung / Watch: Tomato