Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Money talks

I went downtown to attend a meeting with the PDIC regarding the closure of one the local banks here where I have my savings deposits. But fret not, PDIC says I can still get it back...sooner or later. So just relax. It's not that I have lost a million bucks. Wish I had that amount. Hehe
Alright, about this post. I'm trying to give you a regular update post as you can see. But something unfortunate happened today while taking these photos - my camera got broken.:( It still works though. I just felt bad for it 'coz I rarely break (my) things. But accidents do happen sometimes right? Anyways, here's an outfit for today.

Outfit Breakdown:
Top: Thrifted / Jeans: Freego / Shoes: Mossimo from Target / Bag: Black Poppy / Belt & Ring: Genevieve gozum