Sunday, May 22, 2011

Women's Classic Wardrobe Essentials.

Here is a list of wardrobe essentials - adapted from (photo from Atlantic Pacific)

Take this into considering when building your wardrobe- but only invest in the things you know work for your lifestyle and fashion aesthetic!

* White button-down office shirt -- for work, interviews, looking sophisticated. Also works as layering over casual dresses.
* Black V-neck t-shirt-- can be worn alone for casual wear or with accessories to create simple party looks.
* Casual camis, tank tops and tees in solid neutral colors -- can be worn alone for summer or layering with other tops and sweaters.
* Black (or white) dressy top -- if you need something dressy to wear, a black top will never fail you. It's flexible to accessorize and pair with just about everything. I recommend a black top with dressy details like ruffles, beautiful buttons, special fabric etc.

* Black high quality V-neck sweater -- the best ones are made of cashmere or high quality fine wool. Can be worn for work, school, family gatherings, leisure time, everything really!
* Black cardigan -- an essential layering piece. Great for dressy or casual ensembles.
* Black turtleneck -- same as V-neck sweater. Awesome to wear as a fall outfit.
* Casual loose hoodie sweater -- for leisure time or when you're taking out the dog for a walk.

* Leather -- high quality and gives that little edge to sugar-sweet outfits. A very casual jacket that goes with everything during fall and winter.
* Denim -- a perfect companion to your sun dresses and summer months generally.
* Windbreaker -- for leisure time.
* Lightweight jacket -- for warmer months, like spring, summer and early fall.
* Dress blazer -- excellent for office work and even casual outfits. This is worth purchasing in a dark and light color.


Though this may not really work well for some tropical countries, you might as well take it into consideration when it comes to building your wardrobe.
* Trenchcoat -- a classic for spring and fall.
* Parkas -- for leisure time during really cold winters
* Wool coat -- great on all occasions during winter. Wear it to work, school, dates, everything!
* Evening coat -- one in black is highly recommended as it goes with all kinds of party and dressy outfits.
* Raincoat -- keep your clothes dry!

* All-season dress pants in earthy colors -- great for work.
* Dress pants in light colors -- use as a part of an office work outfit during spring and summer.
* Black evening dress pants -- for semi-formal occasions. A good alternative if you're not comfortable in a dress or skirt.
* Lightweight linen pants -- for warmer months and vacations.
* Sweatpants -- for work-out, taking out the trash, leisure time, etc.


* Dark blue or black fitted jeans -- Perfect for a dressy, casual look. Dress up with heels or dress down with flats.
* Casual jeans -- we all need a couple of jeans that we can wear (even "wreck") when we're hanging out with friends, relaxing or wear as a part of a cool outfit.
* Jean leggings – you might want to include these too.

* Short shorts -- these will never be absent from my wardrobe. They are perfect in almost all occasions - yes! even in winter. Just add some leggings and wallah! you're good to go^^


* Little black dress -- works with everything. Add different accessories for a variety of looks. P.s. LWD may also work here.
* Maxi Dress -- I wear one of these every time I fly because they go from warm to cold weather climates easily. Just add leggings and a cardigan or zip up. They are so comfortable. They also work for everyday wear and as a swim cover up.
* Evening dress -- a fancy, long dress that works for formal occasions
* Office work dress -- A great alternative to dress pants. A plain solid colored dress (eg. shift dress), a bit on the conservative side (no cleavage) is your best bet.
* Party dress -- for parties! Try something fun that flatters your best features.
* Summer/sun dress -- you can't be without these during summer! For leisure time.
* Cocktail dress -- for semi-formal occasions like birthdays, dinner with colleagues.

* Black all-season office skirt -- for work, school, dates, semi-formal occasions. Works with absolute everything, even for summer. Can be worn with and without tights. Look for something with a more narrow fit, i.e. pencil skirt
* White summer office skirt -- works for all summer occasions.
* Casual summer skirts -- for leisure time. Can be layered over tights for cooler weather if the print is appropriate.
* Black day-to-night skirt -- for semi-formal occasions like dinner parties. Look for something fun and flirty with flowy movement.
* Denim skirt -- a summer must-own for casual events. They are available in a variety of colors.

* Casual handbag in both black and brown -- Will go with any outfit. great for everything; work, school, leisure times etc.
* Black work handbag -- works for office work and school
* Cross over bag -- a small cross over purse bag is great for the bar, dates, amusement parks, leisure time. Should be big enough to fit the essentials i.e. billfold, lip gloss, cell phone, keys. :)
* Travel bag -- a bigger bag than a regular casual handbag that carries your belongings for a weekend getaway. Ideal as a hand-carry when traveling.
* Luggage -- Large suitcase for vacations - but not too large that you will surpass the 50lb weight limit when flying.
* Evening purse in black and also in a lighter color -- similar to the cross over bag in size but perhaps with a more elegant strap or mix the strap entirely and go for a clutch. Owning both colors will work for all outfits.

* Waist belts in black, brown and a fun color -- Small enough to fit at the waist to add shape and definition to flowy tops or dresses.
* Hip belts in black, brown and a fun color -- The right size to fit into belt loops for the original function of holding up your pants, or to add flair when wearing a shorter shirt or tucking a shirt in.

* Knit scarves -- comfy, chunky knit scarves in solid colors are must-haves for fall/winter.
* Fashion scarves -- for adding personality to your outfit, make sure you have a couple of scarves of your choice; colors, patterns, embellishments etc. Great for casual outfits. Pashmina is great option.

* Neutral sneakers -- casual shoes that can be worn with everything.
* Flats -- feminine yet casual flat shoes for everyday wear.
* Black pumps -- a staple. period.
* Boots -- chic fall/winter essential.
* Dress shoes -- for semi-formal to formal occasions. Great in netural colors, fun colors, or metallics. The options are endless.
* Office shoes -- lower heel, appropriate for all day wear. Recommended in a neutral color.
* Sandals -- in neutral colors like black, brown or white to match with your summer outfits.

Just remember that when looking for basic outfit building pieces, keep in mind that not all of these items are necessary for everyone, and some items that are crucial for your lifestyle might not be listed.Happy shopping, ladies!^^

Happy shopping!:)