Monday, August 15, 2011

The Climb

Fashion is all about being creative and versatile with your clothing. So who says you can't wear your shirts as skirts? Seen from The Sartorialist and other bloggers like Park and Cube, Columbine, my favorite version from  Magdarling...Now here's my version of 'shirt worn as skirt'. While others worn theirs in long sleeves skirts, luckily I was blessed with a small waist so a short sleeves shirt would just do. By the way, this shirt was my grandpa's -  a hand-me-down. Talk about vintage, huh?
Intended to pair this outfit with heels, but my feet would kill me if I did so, because its every muscle is still in excruciating pain after hiking Mt Arayat last weekend. So I just went with flats instead.
Photos first 'coz every muscle in my body is crying for help. I'll talk more about this post and my weekend tomorrow. Good night~

Outfit Breakdown:
Top (dress worn as blouse): Thirfted / Skirt (short sleeve shirt worn as skirt): Vintage / Bag: Accessorize / Shoes: Parisian / Watch: Tomato