Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shaking It off

It's been a week now since my friends and I came back home from our wonderful SG trip. To be honest, I haven't gotten over it yet; been lazing around all week, staring at the pictures we took from there, reminiscing, missing all those memories we had together, wishing time stood still. But sad to say I'm back to reality, yet my body still doesn't feel like it. In fact my luggage lied on my bedroom floor for 5 days after we arrived And not to mention, I'm having my two (2) final exams in the next coming week (Yay!) and I haven't started reviewing yet (another "Yay!' for that). Blame it on my system; it just doesn't want to move...yet. Sigh...

Since this whole overwhelmed-about-the-trip feeling isn't doing any good to me and is disabling me, so I opted to get up from sitting at my computer desk and go out. I did some errands, - withdrew some cash for my never ending bills, had my remaining SG dollars converted into peso - went window shopping at the nearby mall (Yey!) and took a walk downtown to shake things off my mind - a lot of stuff going on in there, believe me. But then I suddenly missed an old soul - my late grandpa, so I decided to see my ever dearest Lola (grandma) instead. While having this talk with her, I burst out and said, "I miss Papang (grandpa)!". Then with teary eyes, she smiled at me and started to retell their never-ending (love) stories, which I never get tired of from listening to, by the way. Well, sometimes I get bored with them, too, though, but I just pretend to be interested in her stories anyways. Hehe! I missed them both.

Now that I'm back home, I hope so is my mind.

Till then,


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