Thursday, July 28, 2011

From Workshop to Captain America

Alright so this was supposed to be posted yesterday but I got caught up in my little lazy world...again. Anyways, I and my friends intended to attend a free photography workshop at the nearest SM mall yesterday, but little did we know that it was canceled due to the rainy weather. Sad. But since we're already there all donned for the supposedly workshop and didn't want to waste our precious time, we might as well just decided to see Captain America instead. Yay! :) And though we didn't get the chance to learn something new about photography, we were sure we went home satisfied with the movie, particularly with Captain Roger. Ahem. Right, Jing? Hehe. Oh I can't wait for the next sequel to come. Excited. I mean, who wouldn't be? Thor and Captain Roger in one movie. Hello?? I'm also wishing Wolverine would be in there, too. :)

OK, as for my outfit, this is what I would basically wear on a free photography workshop at an SM mall (in Tarlac).

OK. That's it for now. Happy weekend to you!:)

Outfit Breakdown:
White Top: Bench / Pants: Mossimo / Cardigan: New York & Company, thrifted / Shoes: Parisian / Bag: thrifted / Belt: Shapes / Necklace: Bubble shop / Watch: Style&Co. / Bracelet: gifted

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

If I made you feel second best, I'm so sorry I was blind

I was about to go out and see my friends this afternoon to get some present from a friend of mine who's come back home from working in Qatar. But rain just wouldn't stop pouring, hence, I got stuck at home. Bored. Sigh. Wasted my time on watching dvd's, uploading pictures on fb and bumming around all day and posting blogs here.
Anyway, nothing better than just winding down to good music in a lazy rainy day such as this. Thanks to Chris de Burgh, Christopher Cross, Kenny Loggins, Ceadmon's call and Adele for keeping me company.

Just one photo today coz me battery ran out; forgot to charge it. ha!
Goodnight >.<

Outfit Breakdown:
Shirt: Folded&Hung, my brother's :) / Shorts: cut off pants now sexy shorts by Hija. also wore them here two weeks ago ;)

Title got from the lyrics of the song "Always on my mind" by Chris de Burgh

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Enjoying the waters of Palawan

DAY 3: Island Hopping

Day 2: Underground River

Outfit Breakdown:
Swimwear: Sassy / Skirt: thrifted, redesigned by Hija / Hat: Surplus / Shades: Penshoppe / Sandals: Alberto by Terra Aqua / Bag: Vintage

Day2: Shirt: Mint / Shorts: Penshoppe

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Gone floral in Palawan

Day 1: City Tour
Alright, I meant to do this blog post last week right after I got back home from my trip, but then I got busy working on some Facebook uploads instead. Anyways, so yes I went on a trip to Palawan for 4 days with my sister and with some friends a couple of days ago. And honestly, this is the most tedious trip I've far; no sleep for 2 days, departed at dawn and arrived back late at night with some not-so-close friends of mine. However Hija still managed to enjoy her trip despite all these. Thanks to my camera that kept me company during the entire trip :)
And since this isn't a travel blog post, I wouldn't be talking much about the places, nor I'll be posting so many pictures of the places I had been to. Instead I'll just be posting photos of me, my outfits and more me. ^^
Okay fine, I'll post some other photos, too.

at a one-stop souvenir shop downtown where you can buy the cheapest pearls in Palawan. Pearls galore indeed.

Outfit Breakdown:
Dress: Hija at work / Sweater: Thrifted / Belt: Gifted / Footwear: Parisian (Flats), Alberto by Terra Aqua (Flats) / Bag: Vintage (from my Granny) / Eyewear: Penshoppe / Necklace: Accessorize, Bubble Shop / Watch: Tomato / Bracelets: Gifted

Day 4:
We spent half of our last day buying some 'pasabulong' downtown, then had lunch at Bilao at Palayok, went back to the resort packed out things and had gone to the airport to catch out flight at 6pm. Two of our friends' flight got delayed so we had to wait for them for 3 dreading hours at the airport. T'was a long tiring trip indeed. But it's all worth it. :)
By the pool side at the resort
At Bilao at Palayok to have our lunch
The whole group with our tour guide posing for the camera for the last time before hitting the rode back home.