Saturday, January 7, 2012

My 29th Birthday Wish List

1. Rayban sunnies
 2. Basic black leather bag

3. Animal print carpet

4. SLR camera

5. Mannequin (headless body form)

 7. Speedo Goggles

8. Move in to a new house

9. Pass my LET exam (this year)

10. Finish my MA in SPED (this year)
11. MAC make-up brush kit
 12. 2012 Planner
 13. Pump shoes (gold/red/blue/black/pink)

  14. A bouquet of tulip flowers

15. A surprise that will sweep me off my feet
 16. A body massage treatment

17. A pair of scissors
 18. A grand trip (local or abroad)
 19. Umbrella
 20. Vintage Bike
 21. Whipping BB cream
 22. Running shoes (or loafers)

 23. Blue toblerone
 24. One year supply of hair pins and rubber bands

 25. iPhone 4S
 26. A breakthrough
 27. Healthier body and mind
 28. A charity work
 29. Peace of mind...

Happy birthday to me!:)

And there you go my birthday wish list. I don't expect to receive/do all of these in one day since some of them or should I say most of them are for long term. And I know this list may sound rather ambitious and capricious, but I guess that's the very sense of making a 'wish' list, no?;)
So...happy birthday to me!^^

I won't wish for love anymore 'cuz I have much love love love already. Kisses and hugs :-)