Tuesday, September 27, 2011


(credit to Jing Maranoc)
Outfit Breakdown:
Blouse: Red Girl / Black Top: Giordano / Shorts: Old Navy / Bag: thrifted / Eyewear: Penshoppe / Cardigan: thrifted / Watch: Tomato / Bracelet: gifted /Footwear: Tera Aqua by Alberto 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

An Open Heaven

Could there be any sweeter place to live than in a land of milk and honey? This is exactly what an open heaven looks like, I believe. So take me there and let me experience this, please. Okay, I'll cut it out here before I start to preach and shoo you away. But seriously, I want an open heaven. That's it, okay....
Anyway, this day was just another ordinary Sunday to me; go to church, have dinner out  and chill with my dear girl friends and then go straight back home. But with these pictures you can tell that I didn't hit the bed right away, no? Wearing this vintage skirt, which was originally a....drum roll please....button down blouse that I got from my grandma last year. Yup, ransacking her closet has become my hobby now. So for you vintage lovers out there, try paying a visit to your granny's closet. Who knows what you might just find in there.

Outfit Breakdown:
Top: Thrifted / Skirt: Hija@work / Cardigan: Thrifted / Shoes: Parisian / Bag: Accessorize / Belt: Genevieve Gozum / Watch: Tomato / Necklace: Accessorize /

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Take a Chance On Me

Pardon me for the late post, amigos. I've got no excuse this time except for the fact that I was rather ill as I've mentioned in my last post here. But fret not; Hija's back at work! :) Anyways, as I told Ashley of stylecurrent that I'd try this red and leopard outfit, so here is a promise kept.

Outfit Breakdown:
(Top: NY Square / Jeans: Freego / Belt: Shapes / Shoes: Parisian / Watch: Style&Co. / Bag: Thifted)
Title: Take a Chance on Me by Abba

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wish Upon a Shooting Star

Dysphoric and rather bored and ill, 
I went out to the garden and on the car hood I did sit. 
It was  about pass 9 in the evening and the night was just so amazing; 
The heavens wide open, staring at me,
Wondering what my thoughts could be. 
While the perfect full moon shone down on me,
Kept me company through this melancholic night it seemed.

Reflecting on life and love when I suddenly witnessed a shooting star before me.  
Then just like a helpless child I got excited and made a wish.  
Silenced. My heart was silenced. 
And  all at once my worries and doubts swiftly vanished, 
Gone with the cool night breeze after I made that wish. 
And lo, I must say that that shooting star just made my day.
But I would be happier if you were here to stay. -_-

goodnight  >.<

Saturday, September 10, 2011

9-10-11...Israel ala Ben-10

I was having second thoughts about posting this, because it wasn't really the outfit I originally planned to have for today's occasion...but still decided to post it in the end. Anyways, today was my little cousin, Israel's, 1st birthday and the theme for his party was...Ben-10! In case you guys are wondering who Ben-10 is, don't worry; I don't know him either until this day. However during the party while everybody else was busy being entertained by the hired clown, I together with my 2 cousins, Pen and Joy, sneaked out to take some (solo) pictures intended for this post. We'd just taken a few ones, though.
I traveled back and forth from town to town, because my cousin's family lives in another province, and this kind of wore me out. So I'll stop from here, and try hit to the sack. And Israel's pictures will  be uploaded tomorrow instead. Good night for now. -_-
 By the way as I promised, here's my 20th pair for this year ;)
Outfit Breakdown:
Top: Gifted / Jeans: Freego / Necklace: Accessorize: watch: Style&Co. / Shoes: Gibi /

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Take Me Back to the Start

I won't be talking about Fall as everyone already is, since I live in a tropical country where we don't normally experience other seasons such as Fall. Just Summer...and summer all year round. (Yay! for the Summer lovers out there) Anyway, the weather was perfect to shoot outdoors today. Though the clouds were starting to form and get dark, wanting to pour some rain again, that didn't stop me from taking pictures before it happens. (By the way, sometimes we also experience rain here.)
Donned in this asymmetric floral dress that I made some months ago, and I realized that I haven't worn it yet since then. How could that be, huh?  Layered it with this vest, which my sister got from a thirft store a couple of years ago.

 Heaven, when is my Rain come pouring down?
 Here's the upper part of the dress. Now you know why I haven't worn it since then.AND it IS for sale, ladies! Let me know if you're interested in buying it. :)
Outfit Breakdown:
Dress: Hija @ work / Vest: Forever 21, thrifted / Belt: thirfted / Bag: Black poppy, gifted / Watch: Tomato / Necklace & earrings: Accessorize / Shoes: Mossimo from Target
Title from the lyrics of the song 'The Scientist' by Coldplay