Monday, June 27, 2011

Shoes face off

This morning, after 8 consecutive rainy days (yes you heard me, 8 consecutive days) the sun shined for me! Finally!^^ So, as feeling deprived of the chance to take pictures outdoor for the past few days, I took advantage of the nice weather and took some of these shots of one of my sea of shoes instead, since my dear friend, Jing, has been asking me to do so. Honestly, I never thought I would be this obsessed (still pondering if this is the right term for me) with shoes 'coz it never occurred to my mind that I would someday be this so fascinated and addicted to shoes. I can't even recall when this all started. But one thing's for sure...I'm pretty glad it all happened, though. My love for shoes, vintage or designer, will be one of the not-to-worry-about addictions a girl like me could possibly have. No, I'm not playing guilty of this at all 'coz mine is still considered tolerable (if i may use this term, Ms Jane of Sea of Shoes) especially if you share such addiction with your closest girl friends in town. :)

Anyway, here are they

Tan studded clogs: Parisian. got them on 50% sale as most of my shoes are.

Obviously I got this concept from this - one of Jane's sea of shoes (left side). Hers have more studs and are camel and mine are tan.

While here are the others, and most shots are taken by my dear friend again, Jing. These ones are vintage and thrifted! Yeah I'm saying that with pride, ladies and gentlemen.^^ But only three pairs of these (sad) are mine: White sandals, blue denim ones and those pointed Tommy Hilfiger purple pumps - all for only...drum roll please..,15$!!! ;)

These were my first ever oxfords shoes. I adore them, they're so vintage and cool at the same time. Even thinking of getting a pair in tri tone or in black one. I've been eyeing these black Aldo oxfords for months now. But don't worry, soon I'll have you, babies. pretty soon :)
Nude wedges: Celine. 30% sale..(photo credit to Jing^^)

Black: Parisian, got them on 50% sale!^^ I've made a post of these two pairs here.
Nude Kitten heel pumps: Mendrez. and oh! Have I told you I got these on sale for only like 4$?? That's almost 80% off of the original price 23$. Seriously!:)Noticed I got most of my shoes on sale or if not on clearance?hehe lucky me.

All right. that's it for now. Just stay tuned for more, Jane ;)

P.S. Here's my nephew in my 'lil brother's happy feet shoes, trying to steal a scene. Haha!

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