Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wish Upon a Shooting Star

Dysphoric and rather bored and ill, 
I went out to the garden and on the car hood I did sit. 
It was  about pass 9 in the evening and the night was just so amazing; 
The heavens wide open, staring at me,
Wondering what my thoughts could be. 
While the perfect full moon shone down on me,
Kept me company through this melancholic night it seemed.

Reflecting on life and love when I suddenly witnessed a shooting star before me.  
Then just like a helpless child I got excited and made a wish.  
Silenced. My heart was silenced. 
And  all at once my worries and doubts swiftly vanished, 
Gone with the cool night breeze after I made that wish. 
And lo, I must say that that shooting star just made my day.
But I would be happier if you were here to stay. -_-

goodnight  >.<


  1. awww such a nice post!

  2. Thank you ladies. I've just dropped by your lovely blogs and left a message:)