Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Target shoes

I promised myself that I would be posting pictures of these shoes once I'd received them. Ordered them online from Target, (my first time to purchase online, mind you). And exactly a week ago, they had finally made their way back home to me . Yes, I waited for them for almost 6 months. Imagine that. I've tried and am still trying to convince myself that they are worth the wait, but for some reasons, I just can't. Why? Read along.

Reason #1: The color. It's supposedly white, not gray. They fit pretty well, though. Thank you.

Oh let's skip this one. I have no complaints for this pair. The color, size and the fitting - perfect. :) With them I can say it's worth the wait. Again, Thank you.

Alright, reason # 2: This pair just breaks my heart. I know I ordered a smaller size, but I was hoping (and wishing) that they would still somehow fit me despite the size (.5) difference. Should have ordered the right size, (but Target ran out of size 7.5, so I settled for size 6.5) OR must I say shouldn't have ordered this pair knowing they wouldn't fit me in the first place. Well I guess the blame is on me now, huh? But how could I resist when the very intention for purchasing online is to get a pair of them. Blame's on me, okay. 


Reason #3: Again, these aren't my size either; too big on me. Sigh - that's all I can do. Hence, thinking of selling them instead. Anyone interested in buying them?
But in the end, I still want to believe that they are worth the wait. Besides, it's not everyday that I get to buy shoes from Target, right? :) So yeah, I say they are worth the wait. :) 

P.S. After all, I'm still considering placing an order again with Target pretty soon. Have I not told you they were worth the wait? ;)


  1. amazing shoes, your blog is soo lovely by the ways, i will be visiting it again very soon :)


  2. Hi, your blog is great!
    Like the shots! Check out mine ;)

  3. Thanks guys! i'll check your blogs pretty soon. :)

  4. I like white shoes

  5. Taa, I am so into white shoes too. ^^ i'll post my new white shoes soon.;)