Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy (late) easter

I know this post is pretty late for Easter. blame it on my laziness. But in as much as I wanted to post blogs as often as possible, I find it impossible to do so for some relevant reasons. First my camera is busted! Second I got sick (flu) for the past couple of days and was lying half dead in bed for days. I think those reasons were valid and relevant enough. lame excuses, I know~ hehe ;)

Anyways these were some of the pics from last Sunday Service worship / Easter Sunday with my friends and family. As usual, no solo shots for me when I'm with them

with my lil sister and Jeni

my mom and nephew, RJ

with my cousin, Israel :)

RJ's taking the baby steps ;p

Hope you had a wonderful Easter everyone. Thanks for dropping by~

Outfit Breakdown:
White tee: herBench / Blue top: thrifted / Pants: Mossimo / Belt: Thifted / Shoes: MNJ / Bag: Gift from Heidi

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