Sunday, September 25, 2011

An Open Heaven

Could there be any sweeter place to live than in a land of milk and honey? This is exactly what an open heaven looks like, I believe. So take me there and let me experience this, please. Okay, I'll cut it out here before I start to preach and shoo you away. But seriously, I want an open heaven. That's it, okay....
Anyway, this day was just another ordinary Sunday to me; go to church, have dinner out  and chill with my dear girl friends and then go straight back home. But with these pictures you can tell that I didn't hit the bed right away, no? Wearing this vintage skirt, which was originally a....drum roll please....button down blouse that I got from my grandma last year. Yup, ransacking her closet has become my hobby now. So for you vintage lovers out there, try paying a visit to your granny's closet. Who knows what you might just find in there.

Outfit Breakdown:
Top: Thrifted / Skirt: Hija@work / Cardigan: Thrifted / Shoes: Parisian / Bag: Accessorize / Belt: Genevieve Gozum / Watch: Tomato / Necklace: Accessorize /


  1. How to posted! Thanks for waiting =)

  2. Yes, I'm sorry. I thought about taking during photos AFTER it was done, hehe. I'll do better with future projects.