Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dancing in the rain

Still remember the last time you played in the rain? I mean, take a shower and get naughty and the rain?? Well, I have to confess, mine was just today :) And while letting the child in me enjoy the every pouring rain drop, I had the idea of taking some pictures of me getting wet in the rain (oh yeah how I wish)...BUT too bad I ain't got my tripod today, and I didn't want my camera to get soaked either. So instead, after this playful thing I ran to my closet and threw an outfit. And wallah! here it is :)

Hair's still wet; didn't have enough time to dry it since I was trying to catch the rain...
This skirt is actually a dress, but I’ve tucked the top down into the skirt.
...unfortunately, rain stopped a few minutes later. >.<

and welcome back sunshine

Outfit breakdown:
Nude top: Jockey / Skirt (originally a dress): Thrifted / Belt& necklace: gifted / Bag: Accessorize / Shoes: Celine / Earrings& ring: Mom's


  1. lovely pictures...and you look so pretty in skirts:)